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Eric Clapton feat. John Mayer

Vocals by John Mayer

The Breeze, An Appreciation of J.J. Cale

Streaming on Itunes: Eric Clapton & Friends “The breeze” a tribute to JJ Cale

You can now stream the whole album on itunes, if you live in the USA :)


“ Someone said ‘Go on Youtube, John Mayer is doing “The Breeze.”’ and he was doing it live at gigs, around the time that John passed, and I thought ‘Man, his taste is right.’ So then I called him and said ‘I’d like you to try Magnolia.’ And he cut all those tracks in about an hour. First or second take. And I was gobsmacked. Really, I mean, a new respect for John, ‘cause he’s extremely gifted. ”

—    Eric Clapton on JM  (via caprifolium)