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And Now, A Message From John Mayer

My name is John Mayer and I’m a watch guy. I’ve always been one.

Watch guys are born, not made, as proven by the number of very well paid men and women who don’t understand why you can’t just look down at your iPhone if you want to know when to leave the house.  You either get it or you don’t, and odds are if you’re reading this on HODINKEE, you do. 

Being a watch guy almost never equates to being a snob. I believe there’s a great watch to be had at any price point - The $400 Hamilton Khaki Field can say just as much about you as a $5,000 IWC Pilot’s chronograph does, and I believe that every major brand gets it right at least once every couple of years.

I love Patek Philippe perpetual calendars only marginally more than I dig the Casio Frogman G-Shock – but for different reasons -  and if you’re wearing either, chances are I’ll sidle over to you and start a conversation about it. 

Collecting watches is one of the last bastions of required reading, so to speak. The more you know, the better you can collect, and you can’t just get there with a Google search. You get there by meeting new people, by hearing their stories.  You have to interact.  My passion for watches has taken me away from the loneliness of hotel rooms, far off the beaten path of tourist maps into the outskirts of Tokyo and into the convention halls of Las Vegas. The difference between a collector and a consumer is knowing the details, and I live for the details.  

Most of my focus on collecting is on vintage sport Rolex and Patek Philippe complications. I think these watches are the perfect cross between intrigue and investment. I also love contemporary watches as well, and I think we’re about to enter a new golden age of watchmaking. It’s a great time to get into watches, to become better informed than the generation of collectors before us, and to create a lasting heritage in collecting important timepieces as something truly legitimate.

I’m happy to announce that as of today, I’ll be a contributor to HODINKEE, where I look forward to sharing my thoughts, reviews and photos with all of you. I’m very excited to be a part of a new generation of watch enthusiasts, and an auxiliary member of the HODINKEE team.

Stay tuned for my first column next week.

See the full artiche here:

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